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911 Porsche FOR SALE 

911 Porsche
Concours d'Elegance condition
Detailed (always) and covered or garaged in Winter

I must sell because
I had several STROKES and can no longer drive 

– this is a fantastic RARE classic Porsche 911 SC restored to like original, except more HP (maybe 300) kept “Detailed” (always)
and covered now FOR SALE  at only $45,000 `til December only 


Porsche 911


Show-Car Concours d'Elegance condition

“…I must sell bc of health issues having had several STROKES…” call me 443-252-5985

1983 911SC – (Super Carrera) – sunroof coupe

vin:WP0AA0912DS122219 engine:64D4664/M93/16trans:74D4870/G91563

A1/black ext, A1/black int. leather YE

 3.0 liter CIS injection w/ engine H-6 new,pistons & amp; cylinders, valve job with new valves guides, (comp test 210lbs. ok @ +-5%)

new clutch, 915 transmission rebuild - WeVo short-shifter w/ MoMo red Combat stitched shift knob & MoMo

a.  new timing chains, tensioner  Carrera
b. free-flow exhaust, headers and muffler
c. new
, alternator, starter & wires
d. iA Turbo Valve Covers (NO oil leaks or smoke)
e. Wevo semi-solid engine mounts & WeVo short-shifter

 Transmission NEWLY rebuilt
a. Stage 1 clutch
b. Mobil 1 oil in transmission
c. Upgraded Clutch Release

a. Koni adjustable sport shocks front and rear

Suspension upgrade -- 22mm front torsion bars, brake hoses28mm rear torsion bars, 22mm front stabilizer bar, 21mm rear stabilizer bar, koni sport shocks, turbo tie rods, ball joints, bushings, (29 torsion equivalent) Turbo Tie Rods
e. Corner balanced for a 200 pound driver
f. European ride height .. adjusted
 Braking, drilled Carrera Rotors
a. brake lines
b. EBC brake pads
c. wheel spacers on all 4 corners
 New Leather Seats and  Interior with armrest & cup holder
Gauge lights new dash bulbs

and upgrade headlights to white Xenon H-4s – Fog lights –b. Porsche tool kit, emblems & interior symbols, new cargo trunk rugs

 Momo racing steering wheel, shifter, peddles, d. Upgraded Stereo and speakers in

dash Kenwood 400 Wt. i-Pod w/CD, AM/FM/ stereo & speakers w/sub woofers, 

- New hood, engine lid, windshield & windows sealed, max legal window tint
– new pans, no rust - new door seals – new head liner
- Brakes flushed with Super-blue brake fluid

- Transaxle flushed with gear oil

Enjoy the possession and ownership of a fantastic Porsche 911SC

or best offer over

A RARE classic Porsche restored to like original.

The thing about a Porsche 911 is that you either love them or you

 don’t. I’d venture to say that most of the people in the latter

 category are people who’ve never driven them because, possibly,

 Porsche represents the PINNACLE OF AUTO ENGINEERING and has a historical RACING pedigree.

 The last of the original 911’s.

While the air-cooled 911 died with the water-cooled 993,

you can say that the original formula ended with the `83 SC. These cars still use the

original 911 platform, complete with the manual steering and tor

sion bar suspension. They also have those period-correct looks.

Think of these as 1960s Porsches only built some time after Woodstock. They offer the classic driving experience mated with fuel injection, a torquey engine and a galvanized body. And with that vintage feel comes some vintage features, including (new AC) climate control and minimal creature comforts.
Shopping advice: Their prices have been fairly flat until recently, so if you have always wanted one, the time to shop is now. You’ll be rewarded with what is possibly the most solid and reliable 911 ever constructed.
The rest of the equation is really more of an emotional response to the unmistakable figure of the 911 plus the new 911 “S” Turbo has and $182,050 base starting price. A new Porsche has the premium audio and luxurious leather you
have come to expect in a Porsche. So do I,  have both at only $35K!
(Pure Dream Machine, beautifully restored, when cars were cars  and men were men! It’s both nimble & powerful)  
To find a genuine, original all matching-numbers 1983 Porsche 3.0L 911SC for "Super Carrera" with a brilliant all black color scheme and desirable factory options (C2 911 turbo wheels, ice cold new modern AC, black leather interior & black leather sport-seats, power sun roof, power L&R mirrors, power windows, Koni adj. shocks, MoMo 80’s Iconic, Prototipo full grain black leather 350mm steering wheel with Le Manns winning 1970 917 matching red stitching, WeVo, Rennline heal-toe, 2-400 watt sub-woofers stereo) the 911SC has become a challenge in recent years as these cars maintain an avid following among collectors and Porsche enthusiasts. It remains the epitome of a dream car. A car such as this – with its provenance, recent attention, never smoked in, all the original manuals, keys, factory steering wheel, beautiful restoration and outstanding presentation – is a very rare find offered at $35,000. I AM NOW READY TO SELL MY 911 PORSCHE  BECAUSE OF SEVERAL STROKES and other HEALTH  ISSUES.The 1983 911 SC has long enjoyed a reputations as one of the most reliable examples of the 911 lineage. It is more civilized than their predecessors with great AC, power windows, black leather interior w/ sport seats but still part of an era when driving a 911 at full chat took courage. These models can be very enjoyable and dependable for daily driving. They hold a special place in the hearts of many Porsche enthusiasts, as they are the exclamation points on the first 25 years of the 911's heritage. With the introduction of the 964 series in 1989, and subsequent 993 and 996 models, many Porschephiles felt the raw feel of their beloved 911 was lost, replaced with a more modern suspension design, extra convenience bits and electronic gadgets  that made the purists shudder.Sure, the newer models cars are a bit quicker, but they lost much of the character that appealed to so many since the 911's inception in 1965. The 911 SC “Super Carrera” and Carrera models were among the world's elite in terms of horsepower and performance during their build years. However, the 25 years that have elapsed since the SC's introduction in 1978 to`83 and the Carrera's demise in `89 may as well be an eternity with the leaps and bounds in engine technology since then. The 911SC (Super Carrera) of yesteryear are still forces to be reckoned with for sure.The driving experience is exactly why this car can command a decent price even if it may be older than its potential owner. The 911SC, Super Carrera, with a sun roof, coupe in 1983 was an interesting mix of the old-world air-cooled engine and new-style CIS fuel injection. It is reliable and fast, but the “DEEP POWERFUL THROBBING ENGINE NOTE” is like nothing else heard in the sports car market. The unmistakable clatter of its air-cooled boxer engine idles with a deeper, overbearing sound that makes others take notice. This is not buying a new car; this is buying a classic. Modern standard conveniences such as power steering and cruise control are not part of this classic car experience. A lightweight performance car does not really need these features, but those who think they can step out of their late-model Mustang into this 30 year old 911SC without compromise are out of their league.

1983  911SC (Super Carrera) 

DOB: 08/07 /1983

sunroof coupe




A1/black, A1/black leather YE- The smaller, 350 mm diameter red stitched leather 917 Le Manns MoMo Prototipo steering wheel & original wheel are both included with an additional MoMo ‘Combat shift-knob’ and both Momo brake, clutch as well as Rennline Heal-Toe race throttle peddle.    I really like the feel & looks of the Momo gear shift knob with the 915 transmission w/ WeVo short shift, shift pattern, it gives the car a nice clean factory racer look.

 custom made in England 3 inch mini-model with rare C2 Turbo wheels

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