Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Parkville High Graduation 1964
(Grandma's on the left) lol
photography by Wilbur M. Reeling
Grandma would not eat any part of a chicken. That's because she and Grandpa owned a chicken farm in Baltimore County where they sold eggs and chickens until the end of W.W.II.

For Thanksgiving Grandmom would eat turkey. Every time my Mom or an Auntie would make chicken they'd just tell Grandmom ... "it's okay Nanny, that's turkey" ... and then she'd eat it and love it. --LOL--
Recently I roasted a whole chicken and stuffed, under the skin, with black French truffles and V.B. & C. 86% European Style butter. Salted it with Tartuflanghe Italian white truffle sea salt and Penja Pearl of Cameroon Peppercorns and it was not as good as Grandma's chicken.

Searching in an old junk box recently I found Grandma's original 7 1/2 inch chicken fork and after close scrutiny I noticed her initial carved into the wooden handle. Guess she thought somebody was gonna steal her fork. I'll bet this fork is 90 years old or more and even has the 3 prongs worn out unevenly.

I don't think anyone uses a cooking fork like this anymore. We have become a bunch of cooks that only use high tech stuff like Japanese ceramic Kyocera Kyotop knives and forged alloy tongs and have no respect for a fork-wielding old Granny anymore.

Nanny passed away over 30 years ago and almost got to be 90. Out of respect for her I bought a special fancy box to keep her old chicken fork in forever. It is the only thing I have from old Grandma, that and lots & lots of delicious 'Nanny-Chicken' --
(turkey) hehehe ... memories.

I'm showing Nanny a little chicken fork love!


I too have my mom’s chicken fork, just like the one in your mention...never knew that ‘s what they were called...but it’s a handy tool in the kitchen
Todd Holden

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