Wednesday, March 21, 2007

~~"molecular gastronomy"~~

the 130 degree steak!
... but I'm not so sure.
photography by Wilbur M. Reeling
Although it doesn't look it (in the pix) the center was a perfect-pink-130 degree m.r. pinkish perfection ... served with new Russian fingerings w/Kerry Irish Butter & Spring time creme'd spinach and French bread for lunch today.

I did some of my best work on this
molecular gastronomy Wing-Tip from Brooks Bros., but I couldn't save it from itself.

The best we got was a Birkenstock from the "Scratch & Dent"!

.... there is just no way to make a $3 a lb. Round Steak become a $25 a lb. Filet, no matter what Dr. Herve This says. You need to start out with a FILET.

No matter what you do to it, shoe leather is shoe leather -- sows ear v. silk purse, you get the picture.

I did the prep and cooking exactly as Dr. Herve prescribed to save this patient but it was all in vein.

Proper mix & marinate time and temperature, exactly 130 degrees (+or-) 2 degrees the whole time it soaked and .59.999 seconds of extra high heat on each side to finish up.

Still thought it was a wing-tip in disguise.

So much for that idea. ---

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